Thriftstyle Savings: Half-price sale at Village Discount Outlets!

I. Love. Half. Price.

What a bag of loot I came home with this weekend, thriftstylers! I think from now on I am adding a rule to my thrift store shopping: Unless its something I urgently need, I am only shopping Unique and Village Discount Outlets on half-price days. Its insanity not to.

On Saturday I went to two VDO locations: Irving/Kedzie and Armitage/Milwaukee. I attempted to go to Roscoe/Damen but there was some kind of weird, retro cars streetfest going on and I couldn’t be bothered.

At the Irving/Kedzie location I walked away with 6 lovely, amber-colored, vintage wine glasses, a pair of close-to-new looking BCBGirls striped black and white heels (this brand sells for about $50-100 online), and two books (which I will be using for DIY decoupage projects).

At the Armitage/Milwaukee location I bought a pair of heels, 2 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of boots, a skirt, 2 shirts, 2 dresses, and 2 salad plates (to match the rest of my kitchenware).

This is what $40 looks like when you shop on half-price sale days:

I got a ton of “new” clothing for fall, a ridiculous amount of “new” shoes, I rounded out my kitchenware, AND got some unique and pretty wine glasses, all for a lot less than I would normally spend on these things. Hell, for a lot less than I even planned on spending at this sale. If you count the number of things I bought (22 individual items) and divide it by $40, that’s a total of $1.81 per item, which is an absolute STEAL! Its pretty great. Pretty great indeed.

And I am already getting compliments on the clothes I purchased. Again, shopping at thrift stores has allowed me to more fully express my sense of style as I can put together more complete outfits for a lot less money. And there’s just something about walking in and finding that PERFECT piece! I even made friends with a couple ladies who joined me for a fitting session at one of the large mirrors at the Armitage/Milwaukee location. (A note about dressing for thrift store shopping: I made the mistake of wearing jeans, a belt and an Oxford shirt which made trying on clothes a little more difficult. In the future I will be sure to wear a tank, leggings, and a sweater or shirt that can be easily removed so I can get a better fit for clothing. No fitting rooms is just part of the thrift store adventure!)

Its amazing to me what a difference shopping at thrift stores has made in my life. I mostly felt anxious and overwhelmed at regular stores. I feel more fulfilled, smarter, and more fashion-savvy when I shop at thrift stores. I feel like I have fewer limitations and more room to be creative. Its a great feeling.

I fully endorse half-price sale days. Especially if you can wait to buy things. It teaches you patience instead of instant gratification. I’ll be happy about the $40 I spent this past weekend a LOT longer than I used to be about random purchases at Forever21, H&M or Target. Half-price days can get a little crazy: parents with little kids running around, old ladies with shopping carts, and hipsters with their stupid hipster faces. But all things considered, if you have a general idea of what you’re looking for but you don’t have uber specific expectations (so you’re not buying everything in sight, but you’re also not disappointed if they don’t have a specific piece you saw on your favorite fashion blog) and you don’t mind a little digging, you’ll really enjoy your experience.


First, let me remind you that Unique thrift stores are half-price every single Monday. I’ll be checking out some Unique stores I haven’t been to yet on 8/20. (I’ll be looking specifically for jewelry, nude heels, a trench coat, funky lamps, table cloths, and Dr. Seuss books — making lists, kids. It seriously, seriously helps.)

And it looks like both Unique and Village Discount Outlets will be having Labor Day sales, so keep a look out for those, folks. 

I’ll be moving that weekend, but I’m definitely going to take some time to go shopping, especially since I definitely need some “new” things for the “new” house.


Take an item, Leave an item…

The flip side to gaining a bunch of awesome “new” stuff is, of course, getting rid of a bunch of useless old stuff. I typically try to go through my wardrobe every time I purchase something new. I get rid of anything I know I haven’t worn in the last 6 months to a year and/or likely will not wear in the next 6 months to a year. Its freeing for me because it creates more space for the new things I want to wear immediately. I finally got rid of my prom dress (why that thing was still floating around I have no idea) and also got rid of a bunch of shoes I no longer wear, a purse, and some other pieces of clothing. My sister will happily inherit most of that. The perks of having a fashionable older sister.


Breakfast at Rockwell’s Grill!

Since I spent so little on my half-price sale purchases, I decided I could afford to eat breakfast out on Saturday morning. One of my future roommates and I went to a great restaurant in our soon-to-be new neighborhood: Rockwell’s Grill. I had been there previously for dinner but neither of us had been for breakfast. And we both somehow forgot that our other future roommate works there (as well as another mutual friend) so there were plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings for all! The food and service are outstanding and the price is fantastic. I usually like to share things with people since I don’t eat a whole lot but love lots of different flavors during a meal. So we split an order of french toast and the chorizo hash skillet. Both of which were delicious. And our bill was only $19 total! Great value. Highly recommend it.

Here’s hoping everyone has a fantastic, thriftstyle-filled week!


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