Thriftstyle Living: Why this is important!

The more and more I think about how awesome Thriftstyle Living is for ME, the more I realize the importance of Thriftstyle Living beyond my bank account and need to look good.

Since I am feeling so very inspired today (thanks in part to a post from my friend a while back when I started this blog), I am going to present you with…

Reasons Why Thriftstyle Living is Important

  1. Helps you save money: This has already been mentioned repeatedly. I don’t think I need to go into greater depth. Although I will say that saving money is satisfying on several levels (from the lasting gratification of “getting an awesome deal” to the accomplishment of putting money towards debt or a savings account to having some extra cash on hand to spend more quality time out with friends or finally take that vacation).
  2. Helps the environment: Check out this article from Living Green Magazine about the growing popularity of thrift store shopping. I don’t know if you ever think about it, but most of our clothing (about 98%, according to the article) is produced abroad and shipped in, using up tons of energy and leading to coal and natural gas pollution. On top of that, think about all the packaging associated with buying new things: tags, plastic coverings, tissue, boxes, displays in stores…I never realized how much garbage is produced just by shopping at the mall. Shopping at thrift stores not only eliminates the waste associated with producing new things, but it also avoids those things themselves ending up in landfills after their original owners are done with them. Which brings me to an important point: as important as it is to shop at thrift stores, its just as important to donate to them when you’re done with things. Think about what our landfills would look like if everything in thrift stores was just thrown away. So reduce the amount of new things you buy, reuse the things you already have in different ways (or repurpose things you find at thrift stores), and recycle by both buying at and donating to thrift stores.
  3. Helps support low-income communities: Sure, I leave the thrift store happy that I found a pair of almost-new  BCBGirls shoes for a few bucks. But the truth is, before I started my quest for thriftstyle living, I could have continued to buy new clothing and other things from regular stores and survive just fine. The people who are really benefiting from thrift stores are the low-income families who can afford to clothe their children (and give them extras like sports equipment, toys, and more) at much lower costs. I saw a mother buying a Barbie for her daughter whose eyes immediately lit up. So supporting thrift stores helps them to continue to keep costs low so that families like that have an alternative place to shop.
  4. Helps charities: While all thrift stores are already doing their part to help the world by offering people products at much lower costs than regular department stores and being environmentally friendly for all the reasons above, a lot of thrift stores go above and beyond by working with charitable organizations. Stores such as Goodwill, Village Discount Outlet, Unique and Salvation Army are either directly charitable organizations themselves or else work with charity vendors. Goodwill, for example, is a not-for-profit that provides job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have a disability, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges. Village Discount Outlet works with the AMVETS and hires veterans. Unique buys used merchandise from local and national not-for-profit organizations that fundraise through item donation programs (Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation and Vietnam Veterans of America). I know the Salvation Army is a bit controversial, but it is a fact that they do use some of the money they receive from donations and thrift stores to help care for the poor.

So those are some of the important reasons you should start your thrifstyle living today!


Repurposing things is fun!

To help you begin your repurposing journey, here is a great DIY rug project I found on Fine Diving, a great blog about repurposing items that others toss out. I can’t wait to move into my new house so I can make all of my DIY dreams a reality!



One thought on “Thriftstyle Living: Why this is important!

  1. Luciana,
    A million thanks for linking to my sweater rug project. I’m committed to reworking existing resources into fun and functional design. And a little DIY is good for the soul, yes?
    Point #3 above melted my heart, but #4 made it soar with your appreciation for how a thrift shop can create and enhance a sense of community in seemingly disparate groups. Many thanks! —Diana

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