Thriftstyle FREE: Get some Birthday meals!

My birthday is next week (Yay!) and, as expected, the free birthday meals have started rolling in!

“Free birthday meals?” you ask.

Yes. Free birthday meals.

As you might have noticed, I have mentioned several times already that its important to join the email lists of the places you frequent most. Sometimes they send a little too much (in which case you should think about getting a “junk email” just for marketing emails or change how often they email you in your settings). Sometimes they entice you to do things you shouldn’t (see my advice a couple posts ago about getting OFF the lists of clothing stores so you’re not tempted to buy clothes you don’t need). But most of the time they offer you some deals, important updates, and, most importantly, some free birthday meals.

So far I’ve already received:

  • A free meal from America’s Dog (hot dog, sandwich, salad, or wrap with fries and a drink)
  • A free dinner (up to $40 value) from Trattoria No. 10
  • A free entree with purchase of an entree or equal or great value at Qdoba
  • A free sandwich from Which Wich

Which means I won’t have to pack as many lunches next week, can get out of the office for a bit, and entice some friends to get celebratory lunches with me!

Its not much, but these free meals always put a smile on my face and make the week of my birthday feel a little more special – and hopefully more are on the way as my actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday!

Possible thrift store adventures tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, thrifystylers!


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